The Process

Our creative team will take your existing web site and create a superior alternative. One of our associates will visit your office and present you with a professionally produced proposal including a rendering of your potential homepage and a “wireframe” design.

At this point, we will conduct an interview in order to determine your exact business goals. Your responses to these questions will help us produce your perfect online product.

We build a static site. Your input is accepted along the way. Refer to our “Interactive Approval Area” for more information.

The images and text are transformed into a functioning web site. Databases, e-commerce functionality, and any special programming are imparted to the site. Forms, maps, blogs, live chat, calendars, RSS newsfeeds – all the special features are added.

The site is uploaded to our servers for evaluation by the client.

The site is optimized for the highest Search Engine ranking. Bookmark icons are added. If desired, a Content Management System (CMS) may be implemented — allowing the client to make future changes with ease. Alternatively, our staff will take an active role in maintaining your site.

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